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There are so many moving parts to a wedding - and the to-do lists begin the moment you say yes.  When you hire Idaho Party DJ, I want to help make planning your big day as easy as possible.  As soon as you book Idaho Party DJ, I'll send along a few things to help get you started.  First, know that every wedding is a little different, and it's YOUR DAY.  There ARE no right and wrong ways to do thing.  But, as one who's been a part of hundreds of successful weddings, I'm here to help you along the way.  Since I play a huge part in making your wedding reception a success, I'll send you a sample reception itinerary from the very beginning.  It will list all of the events both typical and optional that come along with a wedding reception.  On the sample itinerary, I'll also list the order in which they typically go.  From here, you can pick and choose what you want to do and arrange the order of events however you like.  Maybe you want a dollar dance.  Maybe you want an anniversary/longest married dance.  Maybe there's a special person in your life that you'd like to dance with in ADDITION to the typical first, father-daughter and mother-son dances.  All of those ideas and suggestions are included with the sample itinerary.  I'm also happy to help you with song selection.  Maybe you're not sure what you want to use for a processional, or perhaps you have a song that you want to use - but only part of the song, and you need a special edit.  As part of your booking, I'll include any special edits and advice you need along the way.  When we GET to the big day, I'm happy to keep your schedule moving along, making sure each dance and special event are announced and happen as they're supposed to.  If you'd like me to "take charge" of keeping the flow, I'm happy to be your cheerleader and make sure it's all happening in a timely manner and so nothing gets missed.  Having said that, sometimes a bride will have a wedding planner, maid of honor, or someone else who's in charge of making sure things are happening as they're supposed to.  Know that I am ALSO fine with sitting back and taking orders from someone else.  I'll never for a second forget that it's YOUR day - and YOU'RE the boss.  What you say goes, period.  And as far as the music I play for your dance after we get through the formalities of your reception, I pack along thousands of songs from every genre imaginable.  Before your big day arrives, we'll discuss the kinds of music you want played - and from there, I'll create a playlist that fits within the parameters of your requests and also keeps your dance floor moving all night long.  When you invite Idaho Party DJ to your wedding, you'll get more than just a DJ who shows up to press play.  I'll be there to help you through the planning and scheduling process in whatever capacity you wish.  I have plenty of happy brides who would love to provide you with a reference and recap of their experiences working with me.  Just ask and I'll send 'em your way!

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